The Last Stand? (cont.)

Fallen Angel

But first, peep my horror movies below.



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76 responses to “The Last Stand? (cont.)

  1. Fallen Angel

    Whelp, that’s the game.

  2. Fallen Angel

    fuckin aki ball

    what the fuck

  3. Fallen Angel

    fuck everyone seriously. every match up they want. balfour throw a low fastball to a low ball hitter and aki fucks up trying to be willie mays.

    fuck life.

    fuck you

    fuck me

  4. Fallen Angel

    fuck geoff jenkins

  5. Fallen Angel

    “geoff” that’s not even a name.

  6. Fallen Angel

    j.p. howell > fatherscott

  7. You can pronounce it gee-off and make a donkey sound when you do.

    But Balfour still sucks.

  8. I haven’t seen any of these horror movies and I still read your posts front to back. That’s support.

    I recognize one of the quotes from your facebook profile.

    Priest Holmes>>>>>>>>>>>>fallen angel

  9. Rose McGowan seems like a chick you could get down with.

  10. Mr. Belvedere >>>>>>>>>> Small Wonder

  11. Fallen Angel

    thank you fatherscott

  12. Fallen Angel






  13. Fallen Angel

    *waits for text from alissa*

  14. Pax- I don’t have the sound on but I’m guessing they’re comparing him to DiMaggio. They’ve said this about 6,000 times in the playoffs, but I don’t remember anyone ever saying it when he was coming up, other than maybe racists. Do you remember?

  15. Fallen Angel

    uhhhhhhhhh, where the shit is hinske

  16. Fallen Angel

    ok, if aki converts here, maddon is a genius.

    if not, why not pinch hit hinske and have price pitch the last few innings?

  17. Fallen Angel

    also, my bad for the bottom of the 6th. technically, i should have been perpetually drinking fosters for the past 48 hours since he was still in the game.

  18. Somewhere Breidenstine is groping a photo of Chase Utley.

  19. Fallen Angel

    i cannot take this rollercoaster right now.

    that’s gotta be on the base coach.

    is there a stronger synonym for what the fuck?

  20. Six hours into a marathon of Fosters and you would’ve wound up like John Daly.

  21. On the replay it’s clear that Bartlett

    a) wasn’t running hard


    b) never even looked

  22. Fallen Angel

    that means the base coach fucked up.

  23. Sorry Padre. Was washing dishes again. Were you talking about Baldelli being DiMaggio?

  24. I hope McCarver loses his mind over it, like he would for Manny.

  25. Fallen Angel

    can’t blame bartlett for assuming he’s going station to station in front of upton

  26. Pat Burrell is slow as shit. GET THE FUCKING PIANO OFF YOUR BACK DOOFUS!

  27. Yeah — throughout this series announcers have talked about how he was hyped as the next DiMaggio. I remember him having some cache coming up (mostly from a fantasy perspective), but I don’t remember that kind of praise. I’m wondering if we have some revisionist history going on to entice the casual viewer.

  28. Burrell must have broken into the HR trot to only get a double out of that.

  29. Fallen Angel

    maybe not dimaggio, but he was expected to be a perennial 5-tool mvp contender.

  30. Sammy Dalembert’s Dragonslayerzzz debut tonight: 17 boards and 2 blocks.

  31. Yeah I think so. Baldelli was really really good when he first came up, but comparing him to Dimaggio is a stretch.

    Of course up here you would think Tony Conigliaro was the next Hank Aaron or something.

  32. On the replay, I’m not sure Burrell can run much faster than that. That is a very Padre-like gait.

  33. Now McCarver’s mad about Burrell. What about Bartlett, dipshit? He was loafing too!

  34. Whoa- McCarver doesn’t want to see a bunt?

  35. I hope Shane Victorino gets one right between the dual earflaps.


    Plus he’s putting his back foot out of the box on each bunt attempt. He should be out.

  36. Chad Bradford’s career is about to come to a 1,001 stop.


  37. I think it’s the douchepatch.

  38. You guys know what’s awesome?

    My iPhone. It’s awesome.


    FA is too busy stringing up the family cat to stay involved.

  40. Fallen Angel

    Whelp, that’s the game.

  41. Baseball looks awesome in slomo.

    Jackie has an iPhone now too. Maybe you can gayswordfight her too.

  42. I wish I had a cat. Then I could be like the guy in that trend story.

  43. Fallen Angel


    jackie has the most spotless office i’ve ever seen

  44. Pedroia would’ve turned two.

  45. Crawford, Upton, Pena.

    It better happen here.

    What’s the Vegas line on Crawford swinging at the first pitch, down by a run, in the 8th inning of an elimination game in the World Series? I’m saying 78% chance he swings.

  46. That’s it. We’re getting volcano tacos tomorrow.

  47. I hate Fox’s pretentious music.

  48. Hey Carl, is this fucking Antarctica? Be a man you fucking pansy.

  49. Eric Bruntlett looks like he should be playing D League softball.

  50. I like how CC has to pull down the chin on his balaclava so his douchepatch can breathe.


  52. I hope Crawford can stay warm enough to run the bases.

  53. Nice Youkilis impression Bossman

  54. STill bitching about umpiring FA? Jesus that was right down the middle.

  55. Price is scary as shit. He’s throwing 94 in the freezing cold without really trying.

  56. Knock him down. Atta boy David.

  57. I’m legitimately afraid of FA’s wellbeing right now.


  59. If Lidge blows this, the Rays win the series.

  60. I am not ready to see the goateed fucksticks of Philadelphia celebrating.

  61. Did you know some unforgiveable asshole from Philly? Or is this just a standard Mets/Phillies rivalry thing?

  62. Eh. I grew up about halfway between NYC and Philly. There is a pronounced difference. Even as mean and nasty as the NY fans were, going to Philly sporting events was something the 10 year old me needed two days to prepare for psychologically.

  63. “Bad Luck Ben” Zobrist.

  64. Here’s your double stack serving of Hinske. I think he put on 19 pounds in the past two days.

  65. Eric Hinske is the bastard child of Fred Durst and Kevin Millar.

  66. Hey look! A pile of douchebags!

  67. That Shane Victorino sure is a handsome devil.

  68. Keep your head up FA, it was a good season. At least you beat the Sox.

  69. I hate Shane Victorino. Can they give everyone rings but him?

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