Tracy Morgan effing rules

Pax Arcana

If you’re not excited about tomorrow night’s premiere of 30 Rock, then I hope you have your genitals severed by a runaway thresher.

OK, maybe that’s a little harsh. But seriously it’s a good show. Quite often hilarious. Alec Baldwin is 100% perfection as smarmy uptight jackass Jack Donaghy, and most of the cast just sort of falls in line behind him.

But faithful readers of Pax Arcana know where my real allegiance lies — with Tracy Morgan. His lunatic turn as, well, basically himself is a gorgeous fractal mosaic of crazy — the most sparklingly intricate portrait of an unbalanced star since the last time Amy Winehouse went out in public.

Here’s a small taste of what Tracy Morgan is all about, courtesy of a recent New York Magazine profile:

He orders a green tea. “You lose when you booze, isn’t that what they say? I can have a drink if I want to. I just don’t feel like it.” I nod. “What do they call that? Oh, I’m functioning. I’m a func-tion-ing alcoholic.” Kenny offers a cautionary “Trey,” which Morgan ignores. “I’m going to tell you the truth any-fucking-way, so it don’t matter if that’s on the table,” he says, motioning to my tape recorder.

I ask him if people confuse him with his character, and if it might be annoying to be mistaken for an idiot. “He’s my alter ego, he’s not me,” says Morgan, pushing his green tea aside. (“That don’t look like tea.”)

I love Tracy Morgan so much I wanna take him behind the middle school and get him pregnant.

Tracy Jordan—er, Morgan [New York]


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