Hear ye, hear ye: new Wilco

Father Scott

Yoontunes has kindly bundled together the four new Wilco tunes that are floating around: “One Wing”, “Sunny Feeling,” and two unnamed ones. Take a listen.

I’ve discussed the first two before, but I’ll repeat that I’m underwhelmed. “One Wing” sounds like a cover band doing a caricature of Wilco (especially Tweedy’s voice…he’s almost hamming it up) and the lyrics are ridiculous. “Sunny Feeling” is OK, but kind of boring.

The two unnamed ones are new to me. The melody of the first one is a dead ringer of “On and On and On” to the point that I can’t concentrate. The last song is fairly unmemorable to me, but perhaps it’ll improve on repeated listens.

All in all, I’m nervous about the direction Wilco is headed. I liked Sky Blue Sky, but it’s probably my fourth favorite of their records. I don’t like hearing that Tweedy is distancing himself from his past work, and that he seems to be headed more and more into a Sky Blue Sky direction, which I think will tire quickly. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

That said, listen to some chick named Marnie Stern cover Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”.

UPDATE: Jeff and the boys are gonna be on The Colbert Report tonight. I hope he interviews Tweedy as part of it; Tweedy’s a funny dude.


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