Monday Filler: Old Man Winter

Perry Ellis

It’s getting to be that time of year again, when it gets dark at about noon and the New England winter prepares to annoy with almost-but-not-quite snowy weather and Father Scott sits alone in a dark, cold room with nothing but his extensive collection of Jeff Tweedy figurines and a congealing pot of macaroni and cheese for company.

Winter rulz!

Yep, that’s right, onset of the slushfest and the end of the year can only mean one thing around here—it’ll soon be time for a series of tedious “Best of 20092008″ lists! Yay!!

Without giving too much away, I think it’s safe to say that a certain Scottish duo will do very well this year (hint: it’s not Big Country).

That said, I’ll offer our readers a titillating tidbit: Neither this band…

…nor this guy…

…take the top spot on the “Perry Ellis All-Time (for 20092008) Greatest Bestest Most Favoritest Albums of All Time (during 20092008).”

Holy crap! It’s an upset! But you have to stay tuned, devoted Arcanauts, for the full list, when all will be revealed!



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4 responses to “Monday Filler: Old Man Winter

  1. Was gonna say…

    Also, not blown away by Frightened Rabbit, still not quite getting the allure, will give another listen.

    Hold Steady’s album was a big let down to me.

    Highly doubting anything beats the Bon Iver album which is a constant in the juke box since June-July for me. Sun Kil Moon – April is also very nice.

    Top-10’s are so hard because my mood really depicts how good something is, and Im manic.

  2. Perry Ellis

    Whoops. Yes, it is still 2008, Pax. Man, I gotta get some sleep.

  3. Coach Football

    Big Country was a quartet, not a duo. Misleading post.

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