Frozen zombie mice will come at you extra-slowly

Pax Arcana

Things have been quiet on the zombie front, as many foot soldiers in the army of the undead took a hiatus to campaign for their preferred presidential candidate — Mitt Zombie.

But this week we learned that the duplicitous horde of brain-eating corpses have once again hoodwinked modern science into serving its vile purposes. This time they’ve figured out a way to reanimate mice that have been dead for more than a decade.

Well, not really, but close enough:

Using cells from dead mice frozen for 16 years, a team of Japanese geneticists has successfully created healthy clones of the dead animals. The breakthrough could pave the way for resurrecting extinct animals, such as the woolly mammoth, from frozen remains, experts say.

“We have demonstrated that even frozen animal tissue can be used to produce clones,” said Teruhiko Wakayama, a geneticist at the Riken Center for Developmental Biology in Kobe, Japan.

OK, so I guess it’s not really like they’re reanimating frozen zombie mice. They’re just proving you can salvage living tissue from long dead…

Wait a minute.

What was that part about woolly mammoths again?

Li said Wakayama and his colleagues have made important progress toward the potential application of nuclear transfer in the cloning of animals frozen under natural conditions.

While the resurrection of extinct species may still be a long way off, Li said that, for the moment, Wakayama’s discovery indicates that valuable laboratory and farm animals can be thawed and cloned.

Sure, Wakayama. Lab and farm animals. And of course the zombiemammoth:


Watch out for this dude. He’s going to wake up cold and angry I think.

Mice Frozen 16 Years Ago “Resurrected” by Cloning [National Geographic]



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4 responses to “Frozen zombie mice will come at you extra-slowly

  1. Perry Ellis

    Here’s hoping they froze Michael Crichton.

  2. Ironically, he will be unfrozen by global warming.

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