Broadway shows are about to get even more annoying

Pax Arcana

As a certified member of the print media, I get all sorts of crazy whackjob press releases in my inbox every morning. Whether you’re selling apple coring machines or door-to-door pet grooming services, chances are that cut-rate PR firm you hired has spammed me with sloppily written missives on your behalf.

Here’s something I learned from these things — the only thing worse than Scientologists are anti-Scientologists.

wireless_spectrumHere’s something else — the hilariously named American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM) is pissed that the FCC decided to allow broadband Internet transmissions across the so-called “white space.”

The FCC says the use of the white space — which are basically the empty channels on the television spectrum — promotes broadband competition. But the AFM says unlicensed broadband devices may interfere with wireless microphones, thereby disrupting symphony concerts, church services, and musicals that depend on them.

In other words, when you take the family to see the Cats revival at the local playhouse, that audio you hear may just be errant transmissions from someone watching this over and over:

Of course, government lackies say there’s nothing to worry about:

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, who pushed for the white-spaces proposal, said the vote will allow many kinds of new technology, including enhanced home broadband networks and intelligent peer-to-peer devices.

“Opening the white spaces will allow for the creation of a Wi-Fi on steroids,” he said. “It has the potential to improve wireless broadband connectivity and inspire an ever-widening array of new Internet-based products and services for consumers.”

Lord knows the only we’re missing out on these days is wireless connectivity.

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US FCC Approves Rules Allowing White-space Devices [PC World]


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