Football coach you never knew existed retires

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lucasMIT has announced that head football coach Dwight Smith has will retire from his position. In other news, did you guys know MIT had a football team?

Actually, that’s a little mean considering Smith was the 1999 New England Football Conference Coach of the Year. In other news, did you guys know there was a New England Football Conference?

The cool part is that Smith is going out on top. Sure, he was also named coach of the year in 1983 after leading his team to a sparkling 5-4 record. But this year MIT really vaulted to the top:

Smith, who will remain at MIT as a full-time professor in physical education, enjoyed a tremendous season in 2008 as the Engineers shattered a bevy of team records. MIT set single-season records for points, total offense, rushing yards, touchdowns and first downs while junior DeRon Brown closed out the season as the NCAA Division III leading rusher.

In other news, did you know there was a DeRon Brown?

MIT football coach Dwight Smith retires [MIT]



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3 responses to “Football coach you never knew existed retires

  1. Um, hello I wrote a groundbreaking story on this football team for that esteemed rag, Technology Review. Google it.

  2. “For some reason, the prowess of MIT’s student-athletes is not common knowledge, even in the Boston area. Last September 15, Royer opened the Sunday Boston Globe with high expectations. She and Benedick had chatted openly with a Globe reporter about their hopes that MIT’s intercollegiate sports would start to develop a higher profile in the public eye. The article, however, suggested that to do so, MIT was prepared to take drastic measures. In addition to quoting sports administrators at other universities repeating the phrase “MIT has sports?”, the article implied that to attract and recruit better athletes, MIT was hoping to elevate its varsity sports programs from Division III to Division I, where it’s legal to recruit athletes and provide scholarships. This inaccuracy stirred up a brouhaha on campus. Dean of students Larry Benedict went so far as to write a column in the Tech, the student newspaper, refuting the Globe’s claim.”

    Journalism FTW!

  3. I recently found out that one of my friends was a cheerleader for MIT while she went to school there. At which point I had to ask who she was cheering for. I guess even MIT isn’t immune to the allure of college football. Although she did say that some of their cheers had equations in them.

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