This is not the last you’ll hear from me about Dr. Dog

Father Scott

After a two-week hiatus caused by a work trip to Amsterdam, the resulting cold from travelling, my near-hatred of this year’s Biggest Loser cast, early struggles of the Dragonslayerzzz, and an inability to type due to a curse put on me by the robotic and evil Rachel Nichols, I’ve returned to give you something to listen to while thinking about the artificial reproductive abilities of rhinoceroses.

It’s Dr. Dog.

They’re a Philadelphian band that Paste covered in its latest issue and caused me to download their album on eMusic due to comparisons to My Morning Jacket and Wilco. Indeed, the comparisons are fair, more MMJ in sound but Wilco in songwriting. As I’ve said to Pax a number of times, they harken the Beatles more than anything, and some old folk.

Apparently, they’ve heard this before:

When Dr. Dog plays, the reality at hand is a musician’s dream world that conjures images of psychedelic jams, old-timey dance-alongs and smart instrumentals that draw inspiration from ’60s acts while still creating a fresh sound. You can hear echoes of classic acts such as The Band or the Beatles in Dr. Dog’s music, but what emerges from the band’s records and live performances is a new way of being modern while still, as F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, being born ceaselessly into the past. [ed. note: Forgive Paste for their writing getting a bit hacky at times.]

McElroy has mixed feelings about the constant comparisons. “There’s no denying that we are influenced and have influenced. At some times we are surprised by how often they come up,” he says. “But then again when people think you sound like a certain band and they get that in their heads they keep looking for it…sometimes it seems like laziness.”

Expect more to come from me about Dr. Dog in this year’s top however-many songs of the year. Until then, check them out:



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8 responses to “This is not the last you’ll hear from me about Dr. Dog

  1. Paste needs to learn the difference between being “born back ceaselessly” and being “borne back ceaselessly.” I don’t think Fitzgerald was into the messy details of reincarnation like that.


    Y’all need to enable embedding youtube videos in comments. There’s three great videos here.

  3. Fallen Angel

    welcome to 2007 chief

  4. Fallen Angel

    to elaborate, from my 2007 list of 100 best songs:

    “78. Dr. Dog – Old News (We All Belong)
    [My college radio station] WCHC got a thank you email from them when I added them to our playlist.”

  5. Well look who stepped away from their screaming and distortion for a second.

  6. I have long believed that once someone, somewhere discovers a band, anyone who discovers that band afterward is a total poser.

    That’s why I listen exclusively to bands that haven’t even been formed yet.

  7. Fallen Angel

    don’t worry, i’ll grant you special dispensation for liking bands i already knew.

    but not scott.

  8. The Good Doctor

    Yeah, Fate is definitely one of my favorite albums of the year. What I like about it is that it a full and complete album, without filler, and complete with the requisite last track that fades into themes from songs earlier in the album. We All Belong is also good, but my preference is for Fate.

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