Selling Jason Richardson

Father Scott

It’s been a banner few days for the Padre in the world of fantasy sports. First I concluded two months of negotiations to bring home the gold-plated killer Marshawn Lynch to Da Altar Boyzzz.

Now I’ve jumpstarted the struggling Dragonslayerzzz (8 games out at 12-15 after three weeks in a 14-team H2H nine-category league) with a big move.

I received an offer of Kobe Bryant and Rasheed Wallace for Amare Stoudemire and Jason Richardson, which I accepted. Kobe and Amare is a wash — Amare has had a better year to date, but Kobe hasn’t gone on that 5-week run where he scores 42 a game and people start saying Michael Jordan couldn’t carry his jock.

Probably not a rapist?

To me, the deal came down to Sheed, who is performing above his talent level, for J-Rich, who has been a disappointment and is now out a week after arthroscopic surgery on his knee. Erik at Points in the Paint put together a fairly complete post about what arthroscopy is and how it affects J-Rich, essentially concluding that it’s not a big deal. I’ll disagree: it’s fucking surgery on his knee. I know, I know, it’s not that invasive and it’s “exploratory” in nature. But still, he’s a guard who relies on explosiveness (and a nice three-point shot), and any concern about his knee is going to affect him physically and also psychologically.

Please I can do this left-handed

Even buying high on Sheed, to me this is a safe way out of what Erik termed The Jason Richardson Conundrum. Beyond his knee problems (potentially) is the fact that Larry Brown is now his coach, and nobody impedes his players more than Larry Brown. Brown also loves veteran, and J-Rich has only been around for like eight years, probably not enough to earn LB’s respect. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brown convinced MJ to sign George Gervin out of retirement and start him over J-Rich.

Erik recently sold J-Rich along with Juan Dixon for Derrick Rose and Nick Young. It was an 18-team league, so injuries are even more of a factor, but I like the value I got better.

Anyway, that’s my happiness for the day. Here’s some for you:


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