Shaquille O’Neal is an awesome physicist

Pax Arcana

Probably the low point of the young Pax Arcana’s academic career was receiving a “1” on the AP Physics exam in high school. That score meant that not only would I not earn college credit, but also that I wasted three hours sitting through an exam when I could have simply signed my name at the top and earned the same exact grade.

My father — a former physics professor — was nonplussed.

The Big Aristotle

Anyway, count NBA superlegendstar Shaquille O’Neal among those who understands physics a lot better than I do. Here, he uses his intimate knowledge of the subject to explain why a flagrant foul called against him yesterday was bogus:

“When you understand the laws of physics like I do, the laws of physics state that a body in motion stays in motion,” Shaq said. “So when you have two objects that meet in the air, the smaller object is gonna fall much harder at the same rate of speed. I’ve never been the type of player to take anybody out. I was going for the ball, little guy ran into a brick wall, and you know, he fell, and he added a little bit to the end. The referees looked at how he fell I think. But it’s nothing I’m worried about, I’ve never been that type of player. If you understand physics like that, anytime you come in there out of control like that and you run into a brick wall, you’re going to get that effect.”

Man, I love Shaquille O’Neal. I barely watch basketball, and yet I spend the majority of every season entertained by this guy.

I hear he plays for the Suns now, by the way. Just thought you may want to know.

Shaq Says ‘Laws of Physics’ Are to Blame for Stuckey’s Hard Fall [FanHouse]



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5 responses to “Shaquille O’Neal is an awesome physicist

  1. All I know about physics I learned on the T before the Ryan Adams concert.

  2. All I know about physics I learned on the T before the Ryan Adams concert.

  3. WTF is up with wordpress today.

  4. Fallen Angel

    i took ap physics, and going into the last week of the class, we had covered something like 30% of the syllabus.

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