These shoes are like music

Pax Arcana

For medical reasons, I order almost all of my footwear from the Internet (I have what doctors refer to as an acute case of “clown feet,” also known as “boat feet” or “gigantums” or “flesh skis”).

puma_blueI recently ordered the kick-ass blue Pumas pictured at right, which are en route to the Pax lair as we speak.

Today I received an email from Amazon — my online purveyor of choice — telling me that Amazon and Puma are running a joint promotion entitling me to a $5 credit at the Amazon MP3 Store. I’ve already described my reasons for loving the MP3 store, which is the primary backup to my eMusic subscription, so this was welcome news indeed.

Anyway, if you like hipster shoes and discounted music, be sure to hop on Amazon before the promotion expires. Which could be any time I guess.

I used my credit to get the latest Sigur Ros album, Med sud I eyrum vid spilum endalaust. Here is my review after listening to half of it once — I still don’t speak Icelandic.


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