YoonTunes Invitational: Vote for the best music of the year

Father Scott

This is the time of the year when everyone and their mom puts together a “best albums of the year” list. I’ll do it, except in a prolonged, unnecessary way. Perry will do it. Pax might chime in, if only in comments.

But our good friend at YoonTunes has an interesting idea. He’s set up the YoonTunes Invitational, wherein he’s asking people to fill in their best albums of the year on his site, and he’s going to run some numbers to see where you stack up against Pitchfork and the like.

So go check it out and make sure to vote by Dec. 15ish, his hard-and-fast deadline. I’ll be sure to link to any interesting findings he has, in case you haven’t added YoonTunes to your Reader and read it obsessively (shame on you).

And when voting, remember how awesome this guy is:



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2 responses to “YoonTunes Invitational: Vote for the best music of the year

  1. Fallen Angel

    i am protesting this survey on behalf of the metal community.

  2. Yeah I meant to mention, it’s really only for indie music people. Yoon and all my friends are horrible snobs.

    Also, you suck.

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