They found Copernicus

Pax Arcana

copernicusResearchers in Warsaw say they have positively identified the body of Nicolaus Copernicus, the Polish monk who royally pissed of the church by practicing the dark arts now known as “science” to describe the natural world.

Copernicus is not to be confused with my 1984 rap project Kopernicuzzz, by the way. Our first album, “Da Heliocentric Cozzmology for Ya Celestial Body” sold almost 19 copies.

Researchers used a number of methods to identify the remains found in at Frombork Cathedral in Warsaw in 2005. Forensic facial reconstruction of the skull reveals a face with a remarkable resemblance to contemporary portraits of Copernicus:

The reconstruction shows a broken nose and other features that resemble a self-portrait of Copernicus, and the skull bears a cut mark above the left eye that corresponds with a scar shown in the painting.

Moreover, the skull belonged to a man aged around 70 — Copernicus’s age when he died in 1543.

Oh, they used real science also:

In addition, Swedish genetics expert Marie Allen found that DNA from a tooth and femur bone matched that taken from two hairs retrieved from a book that the 16th-century Polish astronomer owned, which is kept at a library of Sweden’s Uppsala University where Allen works.

Anyway, scientists have long known that Copernicus was buried at Frombork Cathedral, but the whereabouts of his remains were a mystery. His bones were found beneath some tiles, “near an altar” according to the article. It’s pretty typical that Copernicus would have pushed his way to the front of the church like that. He always thought the world revolved around him, am I right?

What, you have a better Copernicus joke?

Scientists say Copernicus’ remains, grave found []



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3 responses to “They found Copernicus

  1. Thought you’d like that.

  2. The Good Doctor

    That is without a doubt the best Copernicus joke I’ve heard all day. And trust me, I’ve heard a lot of them. It’s an exciting world, here in not-Boston.

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