Friday morning filler: Mayne Street

Pax Arcana

kenny_mayneLike anyone who lived through the epic fail of Bill Simmons’ short-lived cartoon show on, I was skeptical that Kenny Mayne’s new online adventure, Mayne Street, would be even remotely watchable. Surprisingly, it is. It is more than watchable. I would go so far as to say it is good.

For those that don’t know, Mayne burst onto the scene as a Sportscenter anchor back when the show was still a fresh, irreverent enterprise about to peak. Unlike the other jocky, cool-guy anchors, Mayne’s take on sports was incredibly dry, sardonic, and often bizarre. He seemed to spend half of each show making fun of us for caring so much, and we loved it.

Many of Mayne’s goofy segments on the World Wide Leader are straight up stinkers, but I dare say Mayne Street is bringing him back around. Check out the first episode:

There’s plenty more at the Mayne Street site at ESPN. Be sure to check out the outtakes of the above episode. And any episode with Evan Mintz.

Mayne Street [ESPN]


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3 responses to “Friday morning filler: Mayne Street

  1. come on, dude. this clip is mildly amusing. (though i find it hard to believe there are “outtakes” from it that are worth watching. isn’t the whole clip already basically an outtake?) but kenny mayne is not funny. kenny mayne is annoying. and douche-ie. and he would be those things even if he hadn’t been on dancing with the stars. which he was. which is even douche-ier. so i guess what i’m saying here is we part ways on kenny mayne. but i would totally violate that adorable director in the gray mini-dress. seven or eight times, at least.

  2. You are wrong and I am right.

  3. Bring me your finest meats and cheeses!

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