This will probably go well

Pax Arcana

On the list of good ideas, piloting a jet pack across an 1,100-foot canyon falls neatly between eating a scorpion sandwich and juggling toasters in a baby pool full of piranha.

Thankfully, one man is brave enough to do exactly that. The jet pack thing, not the toaster thing. He’ll be going at 2 p.m. EST over a canyon in Colorado.


Meet Eric Scott:

“It’s pretty much incomparable to anything I’ve done in the past,” Scott said this week via cell phone from Mexico City, where he was performing similar – though not quite as daunting – feats with the jet pack. “I’ve never done a distance that long, and then there’s such a huge gap below.”

Scott works for Denver- based Jet P.I., which developed the futuristic-looking jet pack for stunts, promotions and other events around the world.

The article points out that the canyon has been the site of several failed stunts in the past, including the death of a parachutist who tried to land on a narrow bridge across the span and fell off. In other daredevil news, I once bought a sandwich from a Mobil station and lived to tell about it. So yeah, I guess you could say Eric Scott and I are two of a kind.

Jet-pack pilot takes on Royal Gorge [Rocky Mountain News]


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