Note to web designers: White is not the new black

Father Scott

I opened up my Google Reader this morning to find that its previously pleasant color greader-new-lookscheme (shades of blue) had been replaced by a ridiculously bland almost entirely white backdrop. Techcrunch applauds the revamp due to faster processing or some shit (ht: Pax).

After sifting through some feeds, I found a post on Deadspin that I wanted to read. What did I find? A re-design that is almost entirely white-based.

Then I came onto Pax Arcana to add a new post about Zooey Deschanel’s enchanting voice or something, and would you know it but WordfuckingPress changed their format to be white.

Web designers: it’s not paper. White is really bright on a computer screen. It also looks like an aborted toddler was in charge of design. Yes, an aborted toddler.

The aesthetic and considerate Mrs. Pax could shit out better design than this. I hate you all.

Thanks for listening.



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4 responses to “Note to web designers: White is not the new black

  1. I think you need new glasses or something. I think white is preferable as a background to most things — though a good designer can make other colors work. In the end I’d be happy if everyone stuck with white just so I don’t come across any more sites with black backgrounds and blue text or some shit like that that makes my eyeballs fall out.

    And yes, the gift-giving and sympathetic Mrs. Pax can design the shit out of all kinds of shit.

  2. Obviously black with blue text is ridiculous. But if the entire background is white, everything just melds together. There needs to be separation of sections and shit.

    I do need new glasses, but it’s got nothing to do with shitty design.

  3. Hey F-S, can I add your shared Items to my google reader? your more than welcome to add mine as well.


  4. Sure- I sent you an email. I don’t know shit about shared items.

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