Man “humiliated” by mother’s lies about penis

Pax Arcana

shockedAs our previous post has already demonstrated, the Internet is a place where invective and vituperation thrives in abundance.

But you don’t really expect it from your mom.

One guy in New York is suffering the ill effects of what he says is his own mother’s lie about his weiner. She allegedly told a European Web site that her sons were uncircumcised — which is a violation of Jewish law. The man says that isn’t true, and is now planning to sue the foundation that runs the Web site:

Queens resident John Singer says he was circumcised as an infant. His libel lawsuit seeks unspecified damages from the Central Europe Center for Research & Documentation and its Web site, which have main offices in Atlanta and in Vienna, Austria.

He says he warned Centropa director Edward Serotta the statement was wrong before the article was published in October. He says Centropa humiliated him.

Putting aside all the relevant First Amendment issues, I’m just wondering how he ever found out about the article. I mean, is there a tip line for this sort of thing?

Get it? Tip line?

Oh forget it. You wouldn’t know a good joke if it cut off part of your penis.

Lawsuit: Group should’ve snipped circumcision flub [Newsday]



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2 responses to “Man “humiliated” by mother’s lies about penis

  1. Wouldn’t you love to be in the courtroom when he provides the evidence that he’s really circumsized?

  2. Good point. You think his lawyer is working pro boner?

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