Name that movie

Pax Arcana

You may have read the story of 73-year-old Ken Mink, who returned to college basketball after a 50+ year hiatus from the sport. He is now the oldest player in any sport in the NCAA, and the most likely to walk around the locker room naked.


Over at Freakonomics, they’re holding a contest to see who can name the inevitable Disney movie that is bound to be made about Mink. Their commenters suggest things like “Old Men Can’t Jump” and “Seasoned Veteran.”

I’m sure the Pax Arcana crew can do much better. Here’s my suggestion:

Loose Leathery Balls:
The Ken Mink Story

Your suggestions are most welcome in the comments.

A 73-Year-Old Gives Basketball a Second Shot [NYT]
A Pop Quiz [Freakonomics]



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5 responses to “Name that movie

  1. Seriously, people? Nothing?


  2. Also, I haven’t received a check in a while. You might want to check with accounting and see that they’re on top of their shit.

  3. Sorry. We have implemented a semi-secret pay freeze. Your salary is still $0.

  4. Gail

    How about “Old Men CAN jump”?

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