There’s a new beast in the East

Fallen Angel

To be clear, this is the American League East, not the AAAA East. It’s not Mark Teixeira. It’s not Mike Cameron. It’s not Derek Lowe. It’s not Ben Sheets. And it sure as hell ain’t CC and his burritos.

I present to you, MATT JOYCE~!

Joyce Flies!He can fly! (p.s. that was a Pedroia out)

Joyce Admires!He can admire his home runs like Manny!

He’s 24. He hit 12 homers and had an OPS of .831 in 92 games last season for Detroit. That extrapolates to 24+ homers in 500 at bats, folks.

And what did he cost? Edwin Jackson. The man with a blazing fastball but who can’t give five quality innings to save his life.

With right field now under lockdown, the Rays can concentrate on signing Milton Bradley or another model citizen to be regular DH. Toss in Mr. Clutch Gabe the Babe Gross and a better-be-re-signed Rocco Baldelli, and you have the ultimate platoon.

Red Sox, Yankees, Blue Jays, and Orioles. FEAR MATT JOYCE. The ultimate Winter Meetings prize.

On a much more somber note, this all but ensures the end of the Jonny Gomes Era in Tampa Bay. Let us have a moment of silence as we remember the good and great time of the Greatest Player Who Ever Lived.





Ray Pool




He like burritos, too


Ax Man



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