All quiet on the Pax Arcana front

Father Scott

Pax is out sick today, so don’t expect much from us unless Perry writes out a 12 billion word screed about the facial hair of the bassist of The Hold Steady.

If you’re curious, Pax is out with a case of chronic goofyface, which he picked up at this weekend’s flag football game.


I, on the other hand, step up in the face of adversity.


Please. Like women diving at my crotch is anything new for me.


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8 responses to “All quiet on the Pax Arcana front

  1. Be glad you weren’t me from 3 a.m. to 8 a.m. today.

    Nice cameo by my Hungarian manservant. He was just making sure I didn’t hurt my hands catching that duck.

  2. Perry Ellis

    The loden green leotard and bright red shorts are a nice touch. Very festive and seasonal. Are those Danskins?

    Hope your feeling better. Glad to hear it was the goofyface and not the goose face.

  3. Perry Ellis

    P.S. Galen Polivka is clean-shaven, unlike some others we could mention who would do well to do the same. Ahem.

    (Note: not you, Franz).

  4. Healthy enough to comment, but not to come into work? You vagina.

  5. Fallen Angel

    for the record, my team won. pax and scott lost together.

  6. For the record, my tights are black — not green.

  7. Perry Ellis

    How would you know? Doesn’t green look black to you?

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