Maine judge upholds your right to ensnare beaver

Pax Arcana

fur_trapperA judge in Maine has decided that the killings of two endangered lynx is not sufficient to cut short the fur trapping season up there. One of the lynx was killed by an illegal trap. The other was killed by one of Father Scott’s relatives, who mistook it for the devil.

U.S. District Judge John Woodcock said that the two groups, the Wildlife Alliance of Maine and the Animal Welfare Institute, failed to show that lynx are being harmed by trappers who follow the state’s rules and regulations regarding trapping in lynx territory.

A larger lawsuit filed by the two groups against the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is still pending with the court.

The trapping season ends December 31 anyway, but the animal rights groups had asked that it be cut short immediately to protect the lynx.

I say any publicity is good publicity, since I have a movie in the works about two gay fur trappers forced to keep their love a secret over several decades. It’s going to be called Bear Mountain. Or maybe it’s a romantic comedy about gay fur traders called Runaway Hide. Or maybe it’s a horror movie about gay fur traders called Peltergeist. I have so many ideas!

Judge rejects bid to limit trapping [Bangor Daily News]



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3 responses to “Maine judge upholds your right to ensnare beaver

  1. Perry Ellis

    That’s a nice pic of you, Padre. Did you makea coat with those or what?

  2. I made the pack basket from eagle talons.

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