Japanese people are dead clumsy

Pax Arcana

Japanese people are both hilarious and fashionable, making that nation an endless source of fascination for me. What I didn’t know until now is that they are also prone to killing themselves with seemingly non-threatening electronics.

According to Engadget, Japanese television today is ablaze with the news that three people have accidentally killed themselves with the Shape-Up Roller 2 electric massager pictured below:


Details are sketchy, since no one actually speaks Japanese, but one woman apparently yojimboed herself after failing to follow the directions on the box:

We’ve only got specific details about one death, which happened when a woman removed the protective cloth cover from the machine — called the Shape-up Roller 2 — then strangled herself when it got caught on her collar as she tried to use it on her neck. The manufacturer, Matoba Electric, issued a warning against removing the cover or using the device other than as directed, but has not yet recalled the device, which seems to be powerful enough to massage the tension out of a T-Rex’s feet.

It’s a simple mistake, really. I can’t tell you how many family members I’ve lost when they accidentally choked themselves with household devices. The worst was Uncle Sven — though I suppose it’s not really considered choking yourself when you swallow a record player.

Japanese foot-massaging machine pleads innocent to killing three people [Engadget]



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  1. That might be your best trio of tags for any post.

  2. I was going for a Zen thing there.

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