Perry Compilationaria: The Official Pax Arcana 2008 Best Albums List

Perry Ellis

It would be hard for any trio of virile, dashing and hip young men such as Pax, the Padre and Perry to be less alike. For example, Father Scott is a bearded clamdigger from the back woods of Maine (which is technically Canada), Pax is a 7’10” albino Viking and I most closely resemble Brad Pitt in every particular.

But one thing we all share (besides being sheer catnip to the ladies, as Mrs. Arcana, Mrs. Ellis and A Playah to be Named Later can attest) is a true passion for music of all stripes and genres.

Witness our trio of “Top 10 Albums of 2008″ posts, which saw entries ranging from Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III to some unpronounceable release by Icelandic juggernauts Sigur Ros. We’re so catholic in our tastes that two of our “Top 10” lists didn’t even have 10 entries!

So, in the interest of clarity and coherence (and because none of the five companies I need to speak with to write the feature that was due last week are calling me back so I have nothing better to do), I took the liberty of creating an ingeniously complex algorithm to determine the consensus picks for this year in music.


Conor Oberst, “Conor Oberst”

Pax and Father Scott both put this on their lists; though I considered it, and gave it another listen just this morning, ultimately I decided it was meh. Therefore I arbitrarily decree it lands at the bottom of our list.

She & Him, “Volume One”

Even though the Padre was the only one to list this as a fave, I’ve given it a once-over or three since publishing my picks and really, really like it. Sorry for the oversight, Zooey! Tell Frannie I said, “Hey.”

Dr. Dog, “Fate”

I’ve never even heard of this. Is it good?

The Gaslight Anthem, “The ’59 Sound”

Pax and I both liked this, though I’m pretty sure any indie band from Jersey would have made his list, regardless of the merits. It’s pretty good, even if New Jersey resembles a lunar landscape most of the time but especially in the early a.m. hours.

Lil’ Wayne, “Tha Carter III”

I have never heard a single note from this outside of the approximately 30 seconds of video I watched on one of the other guys’ posts, and therefore am unqualified to render judgment. But those two loved it, so here it is.

Frightened Rabbit, “The Midnight Organ Fight”

Color me utterly mystified that this stellar album isn’t taking the nation by storm and topping every list everywhere. It’s awesome. Buy it.

Bon Iver, “For Emma, Forever Ago”

This is the only record all three of us put on our lists, so it’s the clear champion. Even though it’s not as good as “Organ Fight.” Still, though, it is truly excellent. Buy it.



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2 responses to “Perry Compilationaria: The Official Pax Arcana 2008 Best Albums List

  1. Fallen Angel

    this post offends me

  2. Perry Ellis

    sorry FA. not a single one of your picks was picked by anyone else, so none of em made the official list.

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