Death comes nipping at your heels

Pax Arcana

Popular science fiction films such as Star Wars and Maximum Overdrive have left us with an inaccurate impression of what the inevitable end-times war with the machines will look like.

In those films, the forces of mechanized evil spend considerable energy creating armies of terrifying robot warriors. While it is difficult to deny that this approach creates an environment of fear and intimidation among the humans, the strategy is also very flawed.

That’s why the real-life clash of humans and robots will be far more difficult. The machines have learned that if their warriors look evil, they are more likely to draw suspicion and return fire from the people. So they’ve been disguising their terrible death mongers as adorable and helpful servant-bots.

To wit — First they give us automated vacuum cleaning robot droids like the below:


…only to capitalize on our accommodating nature with the below monstrosity, which was sent here by its electronic overlords — and their human stooges at Engadget — to tear our feet to shreds:

Beware, my friends. Danger lurks behind the birdbath.

SmartMow mows the lawn but won’t accept a glass of lemonade [Engadget]


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3 responses to “Death comes nipping at your heels

  1. Fallen Angel

    correction: maximum overdrive IS an accurate portrayal of the end time

  2. The end time of Emilio Estevez’s career, anyway.

  3. Fallen Angel

    i make love like a hero, too

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