God is losing his touch

Pax Arcana

Look, I’m not saying he should be removed from office or anything, but the bearded one has been doing the same job for at least 4,000 years. People get bored, you know? One day you’re firing on all cylinders and taking on all comers. The next day you’re hitting the snooze alarm three times and spending two hours at Costco just to get away from the office.

Most of us just miss a few meetings or lose a few clients when this happens. For the big fellow, the stakes are higher.

That’s my only guess as to why God killed the Willard Scott who once presided over the U.S. Military Academy at West Point while sparing the Willard Scott who blends equal parts xenophobia and pedophilia on live television:

I’m guessing He misread His own handwriting.

Former West Point leader Willard W. Scott Jr. dies [Boston.com]



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2 responses to “God is losing his touch

  1. Esquire

    He’ll be here all week! Please tip your waitresses!

  2. Jaelynne

    Simmer down, Willard.

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