Corky’s Revenge

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Last week we brought you story of Corky Simpson, the retired baseball writer who revealed to the world that he had left the immortal Rickey Henderson off of his Hall of Fame ballot.

rickey-henderson1Needless to say, us Internet types were pissed (!!!) at the omission, since we would have liked to see a deserving player like Henderson achieve what no one ever has — reach the Hall of Fame by unanimous vote on the first try. Some of the more profane denizens of what I like to call Anonymistan even left mean comments under old Corky’s article!! THE NERVE!

This week, Simpson spoke to the Columbia Journalism Review about the uproar. While he admits leaving Henderson off the ballot was a mistake on his part, he’s also like “Hey Innernet trollz WTF chillax!”

And also because Simpson simply doesn’t spend much time on the Web, he says, so is pretty much immune to the heated rhetoric that often permeates its (virtually anonymous) conversations. “I think of the literature on the Internet in the same way that I think of the literature on the walls of public bathrooms,” Simpson says. “With the exception that the literature on the walls of public bathrooms is a little higher class.”

Funny, I have an entirely different toilet metaphor for what I think of Corky’s Hall of Fame ballot. And while the Internet may be full of profanity and invective, it’s also full of people who recognize how paralyzingly, insanely goddamn fucking stupid it is to leave Rickey Henderson off of your Hall of Fame Ballot you fucking shitwad.


Hardball [CJR]



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