Everything at Whole Foods is now free

Pax Arcana

Many people have derisively referred to natural foods chain Whole Foods as “Whole Paycheck” due to the often extravagant prices of its goods. All that changes today as Whole Foods has revised its pricing scheme, and will no longer be charging customers for purchasing food.

OK, that’s not exactly how they phrased it, but considering they fired one of their own employees from trying to stop a shoplifter, I think their point is pretty clear:

shopliftBefore the man could cross Huron Parkway, Schultz caught up and grabbed the man’s jacket and put his leg behind the man’s legs. When the manager arrived at the intersection, Schultz said, the manager told him to release the shoplifter, and he complied, and the shoplifter got away.

Schultz said he was called to the store’s office the next day, on Christmas Eve, and was fired because he violated a company policy prohibiting employees from having any physical contact with a customer.

Kate Klotz, a company spokesperson, said the policy is clear and listed in a booklet that all employees have to acknowledge that they received before they can start work.

“The fact that he touched him, period, is means for termination,” said Klotz.

So basically, if there are no cops around, feel free to walk into any Whole Foods, stuff your pants with all the wheat grass and tofu bacon you can fit, and amble out without fear of being detained. It’s like stealing songs from the Internet, only more edible!

Grocery worker fired for stopping shoplifter [Ann Arbor News]


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