Hummer drivers get more tickets

Pax Arcana


According to the L.A. Times, Hummer drivers are 4.63 times more likely to be cited for a traffic violation than the average driver. This leads to an obvious chicken-and-egg question:

Are Hummer drivers more likely to get tickets because they’re preening douchebags, or are the cops just out to get Hummer drivers (because they’re preening douchebags)?

One of the study’s authors concludes that Hummers either ramp up the preening douchebag’s sense of authority over his environment or makes him retarded:

“The sense of power that Hummer drivers derive from their vehicle may be directly correlated with the number of violations they incur,” Quality Planning President Raj Bhat said. “Or perhaps Hummer drivers, by virtue of their driving position, are less likely to notice road hazards, signs, pedestrians and other drivers.”

Number two on the “ticketability” list is the Scion tC, the preferred car of teenaged asian preening douchebags who are somehow friends with muppets. No, I’m serious. Check it out:


Hummers tops in ‘ticketability’ [LA Times]



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4 responses to “Hummer drivers get more tickets

  1. Perry Ellis

    The headline on my RSS feed for this post read, “Hummer drivers get more” and I was SO hoping the cut-off word wasn’t “tickets.” Oh well.

  2. Jaelynne

    There’s a hummer in our parking lot…

  3. Is there a guy in there staring off into space?

  4. Jaelynne

    I think he’s staring at all the tickets in his glove compartment

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