Liveblog: Bates/Bowdoin January 23, 2009

Father Scott

I’m about to do something that must be a first on the Internet. And by “a first on the Internet”, I mean, a really pathetic thing.

I have acquired a DVD of last Friday’s Bates/Bowdoin basketball game (ht: a secret team source via mom of the Padre). I shall now watch and liveblog the game…which Bates won at the buzzer. This is going to be fantastic.



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55 responses to “Liveblog: Bates/Bowdoin January 23, 2009

  1. And the Bobcats are being introduced. The starters: mostly kids I’ve only seen once, plus Chris Wilson (who’s good) and Brian Ellis (who’s probably the team’s best player. The Bates crowd is doing a “blackout” — yeah, like those ridiculous “whiteouts” Miami did in the 06 finals. Atrocious, but I love Alumni. Bates wins the tip.

  2. Ellis opens the game with an Olajuwon-esque baseline fade. The Bobcat crowd of 500 is going nuts. Bowdoin ties it up.

  3. Polar Bear airball…the Lewiston faithful let the kid have it.

  4. Turnover…big man Sean Wirth got bullied going around a screen and a pass intended for him flew out of bounds. Where’s Rob Stockwell?

  5. Another turnover followed by the rarest play in NESCAC: a dunk by one of Bowdoin’s kids. Hey, I have a trivia question: what’s whiter, Crisco, or the ten players on these two teams?

  6. Wilson tried to force it underneath, the ball kicked out to Ellis, who drove, hit the shot, and was fouled. Hit the free throw to boot. Ellis is the only kid on the team who’s a legit NESCAC starter. Wilson might be too, I shouldn’t be mean — I only saw him as a freshman trying to live up to the godly Zak Ray. As I type this, Wilson hits a three.

  7. A couple new kids are in now — former big time recruit Jimmy O’Keefe (that’s Irish for “disappointment”) and whoever numbers 31 and 10 are.

  8. Nice inbounds play by Bowdoin. Their coach seems insane if you ever see him in a game, but outside of games he’s pretty easy going. I went to one of his basketball camps as a kid and he was calm the whole time. Granted, we were all 10, but still.

  9. Bates doesn’t seem to have much on D. Bowdoin’s got a lot of easy looks, particularly underneath. Wirth has been hyped to me this year, but I’m not seeing much from him yet.

  10. 14-12 Bobcats as we get our first timeout. The kazoo guy comes out and stirs up a nice B-A-T-E-S chant. That guy is awesome.

  11. Hilarious possession: The ‘Cats played good D, forced a big man to take a three that missed by a good four feet. A Bates guard (Marshall Hatch) then attempted to gather the rebound, and somehow missed it off the karom by a good 18 inches. Ah, NESCAC. Meanwhile, Chris and #31 have mohawks. Good thing FA isn’t watching, he’d probably call them sellouts and then whack it to a picture of Jonny Gomes.

  12. Tip in by Bowdoin. We’re weak up front. But pretty active on D, usually a sign that the coach is good. Way to go Furbush!

  13. Bowdoin’s point guard looks like a white Khalid El-Amin.

  14. Chris drills a three. This kid is good, I can see what my people have been talking about.

  15. Sloppy possession. Wirth is a little soft, but I keep hearing that he’s good. Bowdoin just took the lead 22-19.

  16. Another chant. This time I can see Furbush addressing the team, only for a few seconds. He seems to have their attention, which I was worried about. (He’s 25; I posted about it if you want to search the site. Who am I kidding, no one is reading this.)

  17. Ah, there’s a throwback. Kyle Philbrook (the aforementioned number 10) just ran a play from Reilly’s old playbook that I saw the good Bates teams run a thousand times. Actually it became most popular with Wholey; it’s pretty much a series of picks and little white kids running in circles until one of them gets open for a three. Active hands on D, but Ben Thayer gets an offensive foul. I like Ben, but he’s like a fatter David Eckstein. All heart, a little lacking in the skill set.

  18. Nice drive by Neil Creahen who dishes to O’Keefe for the layup. I think Furbush is going to play 26 guys tonight.

  19. Make that Creahan. My apologies if you’re reading, Neil.

  20. Great team D, Bowdoin didn’t get a shot off. Do you know how hard it is to not get a shot off in 35 seconds?

  21. Scott Place drains a three after getting rejected (violently) on a layup. Nice to see him without a 35-pound brace on his knee. I have a sneaking suspicion that he will make an impact on the end of this game. Not sure why…

  22. A Bowdoin kid just dribbled it off himself into the stands. Needless to say, the crowd enjoyed it.

  23. 27-27 at the half. This thing is flying by. Video editing is outstanding. I wish I were at Alumni right now.

  24. Furbush rocks the long-sleeve shirts with the sleeves rolled up. Good call, Jon.

  25. Brian Ellis is an excellent rebounder. He’s not as big as the other forwards, but he’s got a nose for the ball. I’ve liked him since about two minutes into his first game, though, so I may only see the good.

  26. This seems like a good time to bring up that the women’s program is a complete travesty right now. Jim Murphy lost that team years ago. The ’05 class was weirdly attached to him, but since then every year half the roster turns over. Last year they should have contended for a national championship — truly — and they got nowhere. I’m disgusted.

  27. Three minutes into the second half and Bates hasn’t scored…until Ellis drills a three coming out of the timeout. Nice call Furbush.

  28. Ellis spins about fourteen times and gets fouled, hitting both free throws.

  29. I think Ellis could shoot 30 free throws a game if his body could hold up. The kid puts it on the floor and throws himself at the basket.

  30. Nick Schmiemann needs to hit the weight room. A pretty lanky Bowdoin kid just pushed him around and got an easy layup.

  31. The Cats continue to hit their free throws and tie it up at 36. Pax asked me if this game’s final score was 48-44. Looks like we’re on pace to beat that.

  32. Furbush just called that same old play again. That’s twice Jon. Don’t get into Reilly mode and call it every time down the floor.

  33. Three offensive rebounds and some kid gets a layup. Number 44. You are no Matt Garvey, number 44.

  34. Wilson drills a three. Alumni goes crazy. Furbush has a little bounce in his step. My mom thinks Furbush is cute, by the way. Surprised to see Bowdoin not call a timeout, but a Bates foul calms the crowd anyway.

  35. The Bowdoin coach just got a tech. His face looks beet-red. I know that expression is overused, but it literally is almost purple. You may have heart problems, Gilbride. Lay off the scotch.

  36. Creahan gets beat underneath. We need Clifford Ray to come in and talk to these guys.

  37. Another Ellis rebound leads to an outlet pass and then a Scott Place three. The entire bench stood up and knew it was going in as he launched it. I love that. I hope he gets the ball in his hands when the game is on the line.

  38. Ellis’s basketball IQ is high. I’ve been just watching him for the last few possessions. He always know where the ball should go, where he should be, who’s open.

  39. The kids are getting tired, a lot of missed shots. 47-46 Bates, 6 minutes to go. Wilson just walked the ball up the court a la Rondo (as Basketbawful calls it, walking the dog).

  40. A Bowdoin kid just missed a runner from eight feet with NO ONE IN HIS FACE. Furbush, toughen these boys in the paint up.

  41. 500 was too strong, it’s a crowd of about 350 upon further review. But that’s still probably breaking Alumni’s fire code. Whatever the number, they’re on their feet now.

  42. Bowdoin hit a nice shot and take the lead. There’s palpable nervousness. Schmiemann dumps in a nice baby hook…that’s an underused shot at this level. And a steal by Hatch! It’s happening so fast and furious I can’t even submit the comment.

  43. Hatch drilled a three from New Hampshire. And the crowd goes wild!

  44. Timeout Bowdoin. Momentum is swinging our way. I think there’s a minute to go.

  45. Nope, 2:53. Hard to read the scoreboard from this angle. A tasteful “Bowdoin sucks” chant now graces the gym. Their best kid just threw the ball away. Maybe the crowd is right.

  46. Schmiemann with an offensive board on a missed free throw — nice. Let’s see that effort on D Nick. Bates up 4 with the ball.

  47. Too many passes and the shot clock runs out. Well, at least we ran some time, but come on guys, someone’s gotta have some stones and put the rock up.

  48. An over-and-back call that leaves Furbush none-too-pleased. It did look like the Bowdoin kid hit it. 1:07, Bobcats still up 4. Another Bowdoin sucks chant.

  49. Foul before the shot, a Bowdoin kid gets one-and-one and hits them both. Two points, we have the ball.

  50. A Bowdoin kid just took the ball out of Marshall Hatch’s hand. Embarassing. Layup, foul, but he misses the free throw. We don’t let chokers like that into Bates.

  51. Oh my God Scott Place drills a three at the buzzer and the fans rush the court. 57-54 Bobcats. I see a couple of old players in the crowd. Ben Thayer is saying a lot of things very forcefully. The team shakes hands while 20 feet away half of the Bates population chants “Bowdoin sucks”. That sounds like a good place to end things. I hope I enjoyed this. Yes, I did.

  52. I just saw that Middlebury is 17-2. So suck on that or something.

  53. Fallen Angel

    Holy Cross should play Bates to see if they can beat that level of competition after failing against Williams 6 years ago.

  54. Bob Pares

    Thanks for the entertaining read…the Bowdoin freshman (Will Hanley) is the ex-HS teammate of Jamie Pares (joining Bates this Fall as a PG/SG). yeah, another white kid – but very, very quick and can also shoot. looking forward to joining the rabid fan base.

  55. Master Bates

    oh goodie!
    maybe next time you can live blog some college of the atlantic bong clearing contest

    Is there anything more shitty than colleges in Maine?
    the answer of course is no.

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