Is this going to be forever?

Pax Arcana

You may remember that I had my wisdom teeth removed about two weeks ago. Little did I know that the surreptitious and beguiling Mrs. Pax Arcana videotaped our ride home. Enjoy:

Man, that Vicodin is some harsh stuff.



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6 responses to “Is this going to be forever?

  1. Fallen Angel

    you owe this post to toucher and rich

  2. Fallen Angel

    just playin’

    they were playing it on the air yesterday morning.

    also, since when did the video title start showing up in big white text? is that new or have i always just been blind?

  3. I think it’s a new YouTube feature. It wasn’t doing that yesterday when I posted this. Just started overnight. Are toucher and rich radio people?

  4. Fallen Angel


    6-10am on wbcn

  5. Jaelynne


    You have four eyes.

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