The best place to share your misery

Father Scott

Sometimes, when you find out that your girlfriend is actually a dude, or you break your wrist playing patty cake with a six year old, or get fired for soliciting [EDIT: amusing freudian slip fixed thanks to Perry] sex from the president of your company, you just need to share that story with the rest of the world.

Luckily for you, some French guys inspired a site that now allows you to do so. Enter (ht: The UnDefinable One): contains short day-to-day life anecdotes. A simple recipe: in one sentence, each site visitor can tell the shitty moment which ruined his day. These short stories must begin with “Today” and end with “FML”. On top of being a huge escape valve and delightfully proving that “fuck ups” happen to everybody, aims to be funny and enjoyable to read on a daily basis.

OK, that description was kind of gay, but you get the idea. Sign up for an account and craft a quick description of what ridiculous situation you’ve gotten yourself into.

Some of the posts are pretty terrifying and embarrassing.

Today, I had a sexy dream, woke up and started to masturbate quite vigorously. When I finished, I hopped off the top bunk naked to see my brother and his girlfriend laying in the bottom bunk. FML

Some are funny and karmic.

Today, I walked in the snow and saw some kid slip. I laughed and felt good about myself. Then I fell. FML

Some are motherfucking creepy.

Today, I walked in on my porn addicted roommate watching a gynecologist exam online. He asked me to watch it with him. FML

Keep your eyes out from one by a user called mrspax. It will probably read, “Today I found out I was pregnant. My husband is elated and debating between the names ‘Thor’ and ‘Spaghetti Cat’. The only person I have had sex with in three months is a short, angry work friend of my husband’s while watching wrestling and chugging Natty Ice. FML.”



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5 responses to “The best place to share your misery

  1. “Today I woke up alone and pantsless in Dedham. The pantsless part sounds cool, I know — but the reality is I fell asleep playing video games by myself again. Also, I live in Dedham. I am so very, very sad.FML”

    — Father Scott

  2. You forgot the part where I got up early and scraped off my car while it was 15 degrees, which made my already slight genitalia that much more microscopic.

  3. Perry Ellis


  4. Thanks for pointing that out. Sometimes I type too fast for my slow brain to keep up.

  5. Fallen Angel

    it was actually beast ice…i decided to break the bank

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