Friday Random 10: Righteous Fury Edition

Pax Arcana

Ticketmaster has long been the troll under the bridge for concert fans. Not only did the ticket vendor muscle its way into a virtual monopoly over the past few decades, but it has behaved in outright boorish fashion, tacking on so many “convenience charges” and other crap that tickets inevitably end up costing near double what they’re worth.

Thank God the good people of New Jersey — via their elected leadership — are refusing to give up without a fight. Congressman Bill Pascrell (D) recently asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Ticketmaster for one of its slimy practices.

Basically Ticketmaster put Bruce Springsteen tickets up for sale, then rewarded thousands of online ticket buyers with an ERROR message, then redirected those prospective buyers to TicketsNow — a ticket reseller that offers hard-to-find tickets for a huge markup. Did you follow that? Good. Now guess who owns TicketsNow. If you said anything other than “Ticketmaster” you should poke yourself in the eye:

“I am troubled by how quickly tickets priced exponentially higher became available on the secondary market to thousands of rejected fans, many who also endured unfortunate technical problems on,” Pascrell said in a letter to U.S. investigators.

Ticketmaster spokesman Albert Lopez declined to comment about Pascrell’s call for an investigation. He said the company is trying to contact the “very small number” of fans who encountered the technical glitch to complete those transactions. He wouldn’t say exactly how many fans this involved.

I hope Mr. Lopez appreciates who he’s dealing with here. You don’t get into elective office in New Jersey without strong support from the kind of unions that lose prominent members to “fishing accidents” at an impossible rate. Am I saying Congressman Bill Pascrell has had people killed? No. Am I not saying that? Yes. Am I not saying I would never say anything like that? I think I’ve made myself clear.

The songs:

Clark Gable — The Postal Service
Funky cold Medina — Tone Loc (YEAH THAT’S RIGHT!)
John Wayne Gacy, Jr. — Sufjan Stevens
Tramp — Otis Redding and Carla Thomas
Anvil — Tapes N Tapes
Old White Lincoln — The Gaslight Anthem
Sea Legs — The Shins
Disarm — Smashing Pumpkins
You Can’t Hurry Love — The Supremes
Black Wave/Bad Vibrations — Arcade Fire

Bonus Video:

Fallin — De La Soul and Teenage Fan Club

The Rules: The Friday Random 10 is exactly that — random. We open up our iTunes, set the thing on shuffle, and listen to 10 songs. We are not permitted to skip any out of embarrassment or fear of redundancy. Commenters are encouraged to post their own.



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4 responses to “Friday Random 10: Righteous Fury Edition

  1. Am I saying Bill Pascrell will dump a coffee on your white Audi? Not exactly, but…

  2. 1. Rick Danko & Richard Manuel – It Makes No Difference (So Good)
    2. Gram Parsons – A Song For You (One of my favorites to play on the guitar)
    3. The Kinks – Demolition
    4. Lizz Wright – Leave Me Standing Alone
    5. Ryan Adams & the Cardinals – Words
    6. Dead Confederate – It Was a Rose
    7. Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues
    8. Lizz Wright – The Sun
    9. Andrew Bird – The Barn Tapes
    10. Jay-Z – The Blueprint

  3. Coach Football

    1. The Telephone Always Rings–Fun Boy Three
    2. Doo Wop (That Thing)–Lauryn Hill
    3. Over and Over Again–The Moonglows
    4. He’s Alright–The Staple Singers
    5. Pick a Bale of Cotton–Leadbelly
    6. Ice Hockey Hair–Super Furry Animals
    7. Lose This Skin–The Clash
    8. Darkness on the Edge of Town–Bruce Springsteen
    9. Leader of the Pack–Shangri-Las
    10. The Thief–Concretes

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