OK, this was pretty cool

Pax Arcana

I stopped watching the Grammy Awards back when they decided Melissa Etheridge and Michael Bolton represented the best music our society could muster. As if Taylor Dayne had ANY MORE TO PROVE!

Anyway, here is a pretty cool clip of Radiohead performing 15 Step with the USC marching band last night. Hurry up and watch it before the evil record companies snake their way into the Internet and yank it off of YouTube:

Incidentally, I had no idea the show was on last night. I was too busy isolating yet another variety of boron, anyway.



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3 responses to “OK, this was pretty cool

  1. Esquire

    Perhaps Pax should stop worrying about boron and Radiohead and spend more time reviewing great works of literature, like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Otherwise, I just don’t feel his serving his constituency.

  2. Perry Ellis

    Vote the bum out! We demand a zombie-related stimulus package! And brains!

  3. I have a rule — if it’s been on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, it’s not obscure enough for Pax Arcana. Therefore we ignored that story.

    Plus, I’m not convinced Jane Austen is really dead — so until I see a corpse, I don’t trust anything associated with her and zombies at the same time.

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