10 responses to “That new Pepsi logo is the product of mind-blowing BS

  1. The new Pepsi logo is totally awesome though.

  2. I mean, this thing is a joke, right?

  3. Jaelynne

    I like the old one better.

  4. JBW

    This type thought goes into the logos and designs for almost everything you see and buy. Maybe not to this level – but it’s proportionate – this is a huge corporate brand. There are design briefs like these hiding in every corner of the internet. Because this logo is so simple – just a swoopy thing- they have to find something to give them a reason and guidance for how and why to change it. In this instance they got inspiration from science. I don’t think they’re trying to make you think that by drinking Pepsi you’re going to rocket into the future or attain enlightenment or anything – but the thought process behind it is pretty cool.

  5. I don’t know. Seems to me to a vast amount of overkill here. Like they threw every sciencey-sounding nugget they could dream up at the concept after the fact.

  6. Fallen Angel

    poor cm punk now has an out of date tattoo

  7. Fallen Angel

    if you really want me to explain the origin of the tat and “cm” it’s better i tell you in person rather than ramble here.

  8. Esquire

    When I first saw it on a cab advert, I thought it was an Obama logo.

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