Boston College is wasting valuable time

Pax Arcana

crucifixOver at the Boston Herald, Richard Weir reports that Boston College has installed crucifixes in nearly every classroom and science lab on campus. The act predictably riled up many faculty members, who see the crucifixes as insensitive to the many non-Catholic students and professors there:

In an interview with the college newspaper, The Observer, which broke the story, Hoveyda described the crucifixes as “offensive” and the university’s actions as “anti-intellectual.”

“I can hardly imagine a more effective way to denigrate the faculty of an educational institution,” he is quoted as saying. “The insult is particularly scathing, since such symbols were installed without discussion . . . in a disturbingly surreptitious manner.”

Of course the administration of the university sees things differently:

BC spokesman Jack Dunn said college President Rev. William P. Leahy decided to install crucifixes in the university’s 151 classrooms as a means of reconnecting the school with its “Catholic mission.”

“As a Catholic university, we view the crucifix as a sacred symbol and its placement reflects our commitment to our religious heritage. We hope that those who do not share our faith tradition can respect our intentions,” he said.

I say they are all wasting valuable time.

Crucifixes are well-known for their ability to turn back vampires — which is an admirable quality but not one we’re likely to need anytime soon. Some devout Catholics believe the crucifix even thwart attacks from demons and succubi.

Great. Awesome.

But not once in the entire 2009-year history of the crucifix has it ever proven effective in the ongoing war on zombies. In fact, in almost every single zombie attack ever caught on film, a priest is shown meekly waving a crucifix at the shuffling mass of undead as it subsumes him.

This is science, people. Pay attention.

Unfortunately Boston College doesn’t see it this way. The administration has failed to reply to multiple pleas to install head-splitting battle axes in each classroom and to stock the natatorium with flying shark vikings.


I suppose it’s only a matter of time before Chestnut Hill is overrun.

Boston College in the crosshairs [Herald]



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6 responses to “Boston College is wasting valuable time

  1. I guess that is one of the issues that a non-catholic should expect to deal with, if they choose to work at a catholic institution. To call religion of something religious “anti-intellectual” is a bit much. Maybe they should work somewhere else, if they cannot appreciate the values of where they are at.


  3. The idea of putting crucifixes in all classes at a Catholic Institution should not be misunderstood. In the first place, am strongly against the equation ‘Crucifix= Catholic church’. To that effect i have a relevant example. Am a resident student at the Catholic University of Malawi (Cunima). In my room, put at a catch-everbody’s-attention position, is a beautiful portable crucifix. Many a people who have payed a visit, including a Catholic priest, have asked me the question ‘are you Catholic??’ My simple response to such a probe has been an equally simple question ‘does jesus( who is central on the crucifix) belong to the Catholic church and/or Catholics? A correct and honest answer to this question would be a good starting point in understanding other people’s distaste for the crucifix. Well am not catholic but i fully understand and respect what the crucifix represents. I don’t think those who disagree with it would last a day at our Catholic University where we do not only have a compasory Catholic Social Teaching (CST) course in first year but all other activities are done in a purely Catholic fashion. Being in any institution simply means comformity to the values and prenciples therein.’you cant go to Rome and choose to quarrel with the Pope’ goes the adage. Otherwize, the placement of the crufixes at institutions that are Catholic or non-Catholic should not be ‘irritating’ to those who do not share in the faith as that would not serve the purpose(S) they are put for. Religions should be accomodating and not havens for tourture (be it mental, physical e.t.c)

  4. yeah i agree with the student from Catholic University of Malawi (Cunima); crucifix or no crucifix, on the last day; everyone will beat seated at the judgment seat of the Supreme being to answer His asked questions. As human being that are on earthly pilgrimage our concern should be, the best way to worship our creator (God in Heaven) and do His wish at all times. whether u’re a Catholic or not will not apply on the last day but what you as a human being did while on earth

    so, the misconception of some people about the crucifix is something i consider as ignorance and lack of understanding/divine wisdom.

  5. choosechrist

    “In fact, in almost every single zombie attack ever caught on film, a priest is shown meekly waving a crucifix at the shuffling mass of undead as it subsumes him.

    This is science, people. Pay attention.”

    How is it a science? Movies are fiction. And, in this anti-Catholic world, movies would obviously make Catholic beliefs look stupid. How can you go to the movies for truth? Even if such things could be caught on tape, do you seriously think zombies would just attack the priest and leave the camera guy to take pics?

    If you want real proof, speak to exorcists who have used crucifixes for so many years to get rid of the demonic attacks. This is fact, not simply devout thinking.

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