Saturday filler: Yankee Hotel Wordle

Father Scott

A while back NPR’s All Songs Considered linked me to a site called, which creates a design based on a random chunk of words you put into it. Similar to the Obamicon phenomenon, you create something and save it on the site for everyone to see.

I put in the words that are most important to me — the entire lyrics to the greatest piece of art in the history of creation, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot — and came up with this.

My only complaint is that I can’t find a way to save it to my computer, because the most appropriate use of such an image is as your desktop background. Bob Boilen found a way, though, so it can’t be that hard.

UPDATE: I was right. You just have to find it on the main part of the page (just browsing through the gallery), then right-click and save as a picture. Wordle, for an Internet phenomenon, gives a pretty half-assed effort at trying to hold the rights to the images you create, but giving you the easiest workaround in the world. Here’s mine:


UPDATE 2: Those MFers did limit the size of the image, now didn’t they?

UPDATE 3: Paxus ex Machina




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2 responses to “Saturday filler: Yankee Hotel Wordle

  1. Control + Alt + PrintScreen + MS Paint + Ctrl V + Crop = Everything I know about graphic design.

  2. You’re a mothereffing genius.

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