Me, myself and I argue about the Amazon Kindle

Pax Arcana

kindleMe: This new Amazon Kindle looks pretty awesome. One Citigroup analyst called it “the iPod of the book world,” and Lord knows I love my iPod.

Myself: That’s interesting. What does it do?

Me: You can read books on it.

Myself: But you can already listen to books on your iPod.

Me: Yeah, but people who love reading want to read books, not listen to them.

Myself: So why don’t they just buy books then?

Me: Because the Kindle is more portable — well, kind of — and you can download books directly to it without having to go to the bookstore.

Myself: But don’t people who really like books really, really like going to bookstores? Especially ones with coffee and stuff?

Me: Fair point. Maybe they’ll make them so you can download books while you’re at the bookstore.

Myself: Doubtful, considering the bookstore wouldn’t make any money.

I: Would you two homos knock it off? I’m trying to graft Sophia Loren’s head onto a zombie for a secret project I’m working on.

Me: Sweet Jesus you’re a handsome man.

Myself: A prideful buck, rearing mightily on its powerful haunches.

I: Dudes, check it out…



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  1. Here’s my own little argument..Kindle -> you can read PDFs that have foreign languages. For kindle format books – French is supported. Chinese isn’t.Foreign language dictionaries aren’t.There is a Kindle font hack that allows unicode fonts and hence foreign languages.

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