Friday filler: Your semi-regular Wilco update

Father Scott

To celebrate the forthcoming June release of Wilco’s yet-to-be-named seventh record (co-hat tip Spackler and Wilco’s own email), here’s a Bad Plus cover of Radio Cure. And if you’re wondering, yes, it sounds like every other jazz cover of any non-jazz song.



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3 responses to “Friday filler: Your semi-regular Wilco update

  1. There’s a live covers page out there, Im waiting on the official release, supposedly in the mixing stage.

    New Bonnie Prince Billy is his best yet. Beware!

  2. Perry Ellis

    Whoops! Looks like we can forget about seeing or hearing from the Padre this June. Hope the Dedham microwave food emporium stocks up on frozen ‘za, mac & cheese and Lean Cuisine in May.

  3. I’ve actually started cooking a little lately. My microwave finally said “Uncle.”

    I’m not nearly as psyched as I probably should be. They’re still my favorite band ever by far, but the recent stuff I’ve heard hasn’t been that great. I just don’t want another Sky Blue Sky (even though I did like it). I think it’s funny that they’re actually sticking with the “Wilco: The Song” tune they played on Colbert a while back.

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