Friday Random 10: Skiing Edition

Pax Arcana

telemarkThe shushy and well-balanced Mrs. Pax Arcana are alighting for the hills of Vermont later today to go skiing with my parents and some family friends. I don’t have anything clever or interesting for today’s random 10, but my mind has been on skiing all day so maybe I’ll just share with you a story from my days as a ski bum in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado.

My first job out west was as a waiter at a Mexican restaurant. One of my restaurant friends, Greg, was a lanky stoner from Iowa who looked like a young Cosmo Kramer and talked like Jeffrey Lebowski. One night a table of loud, obnoxious East Coast types rolled in about two minutes before we were prepared to shut down the kitchen. Greg volunteered to stay on to serve them — while all the other waiters went home — because East Coast types typically tip well and he needed the money.

His frustration grew palpable when the table ordered soft drinks instead of margaritas (no liquor = much lower tip) and skipped on the appetizers. He quickly pumped some Diet Cokes and Dr. Peppers from the machine — swearing the whole time — and returned with them to the table.

One of the men of the party (two couples) raised his glass of soda, pointed to a 3/4 inch gap at the top, and sneered at Greg:

“What, I don’t get a full one?”

Without breaking stride, Greg responded thusly:

“Huh. That’s funny. It looked a lot more full in the kitchen — WHEN I HAD MY BALLS IN IT.”

He hadn’t put his balls in it, of course. But at least he made that guy think about it. Fuck that guy.

The songs:

Run My Mouth — Ra Ra Riot
Ada — The National
Surra — Faces on Film
Need You Need You — The Whigs
Golden Pony — Army Navy
Tangled Up in Plaid — Queens of the Stone Age
Cracks in the Causeway — Oxford Collapse
Energy Spent — Liam Finn
Turn on Me — The Shins
Sink the Seine — Of Montreal

Bonus video:

El Scorcho — Weezer

The Rules: The Friday Random 10 is exactly that — random. We open up our iTunes, set the thing on shuffle, and listen to 10 songs. We are not permitted to skip any out of embarrassment or fear of redundancy. Commenters are encouraged to post their own.



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10 responses to “Friday Random 10: Skiing Edition

  1. Perry Ellis

    Sure Shot, The Beastie Boys
    Memories Can’t Wait, Talking Heads
    Something Is Me, Paul Westerberg
    You Won’t See Me, The Beatles
    Getaway Car, Aesop Rock
    Roxanne, The Police
    I Can See for Miles (a capella), Petra Haden
    It’s A Curse, Wolf Parade
    Angel, Jimi Hendrix
    Kasimir S. Pulaski Day, Big Black

  2. Perry Ellis

    And hey, is that you telemaching down the slope in your fancy yaller windbreaker or some other Scandinavian doofus?

  3. i was hoping it was going to be the story about when you told the girl to leave her boyfriend and go home with you. i know that one is dear to you.

    1. I Love You, G. Love & Special Sauce
    2. Dear Catastrophe Waitress, Belle & Sebastian
    3. Crazy Love, Van Morrison
    4. Temporarily Blind, Built To Spill
    5. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues, Bob Dylan
    6. Under Your Skin, Luscious Jackson
    7. If Not For You, Bob Dylan
    8. Sunflower City, Matt Perrine
    9. Bike, Pink Floyd
    10. Let It Down, George Harrison

  4. Perry Ellis

    Lucy’s got a bike, you can ride it if you like.

  5. Way too much detail for a Tea-Bagging Story.

    1. Gary Louris – I Wanna Get High
    2. Andrew Bird – You Woke Me Up
    3. Link Wray – Jack The Ripper
    4. JJ Grey & Mofro – I Believe (In Everything)
    5. Beastie Boys – Ask for Janice (awfully quick, guess thats too make up for the 7 minutes of Andrew Bird!)
    6. Sun Kil Moon – Floating
    7. Pearl Jam – Present Tense
    8. Last Fair Deal – Up On Cripple Creek
    9. Jay-Z – Say Hello
    10. David Bowie – Lady Stardust

  6. Coach Football

    1. Stakker Humanoid–Humanoid
    2. I’ve Seen Enough–Cold War Kids
    3. Momma’s Little Jewel–Mott the Hoople
    4. Superpowers–Dismemberment Plan
    5. You Left the Water Running–Otis Redding
    6. Hot for Teacher–Van Halen
    7. A Public Execution–Mouse and the Traps
    8. Misunderstanding–Genesis
    9. Teardrop Sea–The Tonettes
    10. Mike–Xiu Xiu

  7. I haven’t telemarked since I left Colorado. I should though, since my legs aren’t getting any younger. And no, that’s not me. But I do have the same jacket.

  8. Mike Brown

    I always thought he was more Jim Ignatowski than anyone else. Do you think he’s still living in an apartment next to The Goat?

    . . in other news, The Legend has put a chair on the Montezuma side of the mountain, Mi Casa became Dos Hombres (or something like that) about 4 years ago, and I bumped into Lara, married and tending bar, in Dillon last winter.

    . . we now return you to reality, already in progress.

  9. Mike Brown

    Oh, yeah, the latest version of iTunes doesn’t recognize any of my music, so I can’t play along.. . . fucking Steve Jobs.

  10. Jim Ignatowski is exactly it! Except instead of driving a taxi he was getting shot in the gut with a pellet gun.

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