In which I am rendered basically speechless


Pax Arcana


From Wired:

The compound responsible for the smell of rotten eggs could be a new way to treat erectile dysfunction, based on an early study in rats by a team featuring the UCLA Nobel laureate pharmacologist, Louis Ignarro.


Ignarro’s team injected the penile smooth-muscle of rats with hydrogen sulfide, which relaxed them,  allowing more blood to flow in — just like Viagra.

“In the future, that could help humans have an erection,” said Jim Cummings, a urologist at St. Louis University and expert in erectile dysfunction, who was not involved in the new research.


Though it smells extremely bad, hydrogen sulfide is a bizarre chemical that has some strange and unexpected effects on living things. In mice, it’s been shown to induce a state like “suspended animation” while other scientists say that H2S was responsible for a mass extinction on Earth several hundred million years ago. It could eventually help soldiers survive blood loss resulting from war injuries.


To turn this animal research into a human therapy will likely take years, if not decades. The goal would probably be to develop a formulation that could be taken as a pill, just like Viagra, Cummings said.

“What I would foresee is not that we’d inject the gas into our own penises, we’d look for a drug that would make you generate more of this compound in your own tissues,” he said.


How the Smell of Rotten Eggs Could Lead to a New Viagra [Wired]



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  1. Not Zucchini

    “Jim Cummings.” hahaha

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