One of your grandparents has HIV


Pax Arcana

It’s been well-documented on this site that old people are hornier than a pod of narwhals (and twice as sexy).  Well, it turns out all that wrinkle-slapping is doing more than grossing the rest of us out — it’s giving them all AIDS.

Or at least that’s what I think the AFP is saying in this summary of a World Health Organization study on HIV:

According to authors of the study, in the United States, the proportion of people aged over 50 with HIV soared to 25 percent in 2006 from 20 percent in 2003.

I’m not an editor or anything [Ed. Note: Yes I am] but I read that sentence five times and I think it says that 25% of all people over 50 have HIV. I assume they mean that 25% of all HIV positive Americans are over the age of 50.

Either way, this is really going to ratchet up the tension in Father Scott’s book club.

HIV+ among over 50s ‘surprisingly high’: WHO [AFP]


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