Monday Filler: Cool Court

Pax Arcana

The official vehicle of Pax Arcana needs something called a VTEC spool filter, which — combined with the oil change, brake light replacement, and worn front end bushings — will set back the Arcana household a cool $600. So for now I’m grounded at home and not in posession of good Pax material.

In lieu of that, here is Cool Court Starring Nachos the Cross-Eyed Cat:



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6 responses to “Monday Filler: Cool Court

  1. Today someone called me the Cal Ripken of our company. By the same thinking, I think that makes you the Rocco Baldelli.

  2. The shitty thing is I scheduled my car service appt for 7:30 a.m. on the assumption that I’d still get to work on time. It’s now 1:20 and I’m still waiting.

  3. Perry Ellis

    But you should still count yourself lucky – the last time we brought the Ellis jalopy in for an oil change it cost $1,400. Apparently Subaru ignition coils are spun from gold, platinum and the Dalai Lama’s tears.

  4. Perry Ellis

    And you were sure right about lacking good Pax materials. Yeesh.

  5. I will not have you disrespect Nachos like that. He is the official 1st alternate to Spaghetti Cat on the roster of felines of the universe. Bacon comes in 3rd.

  6. Perry Ellis

    Spaghetti Cat rulz. All other felines, including and especially Bacon, Milkshake (and Nachos) are devil spawn sent from the bowels of the underworld to torment humanity with sneezing, wheezing and itchy eyes.

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