U2 was in my neighborhood

Pax Arcana

U2 played a super secret omg keep it quiet omg it’s in the Globe? OMG I can’t believe it!!1!11! show at the Somerville Theater tonight — just around the corner from Pax Manor.

I didn’t see the show, obviously, but I did get a couple of shots of the throngs of people standing around looking at each other, wondering if they should, you know, like do something or something.


Of course once those throngs decided that getting a beer was a better option than standing in the cool March fog, they swarmed Davis Square’s two main bars.


Even the Sligo was packed with yuppies. Man it was like cats and dogs living together.



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2 responses to “U2 was in my neighborhood

  1. Esquire

    They weren’t there to see U2. They got Ardal O’Hanlon’s appearance date wrong.

  2. Fallen Angel

    U2 blows

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