The robots will make faces at you

Pax Arcana

We’ve mentioned before that robots have difficulty understanding or communicating sarcasm when reading out loud. Well now it appears they will soon have the ability to mock us with a lifted eyebrow or sneeringly pursed lips, thanks to some asshole scientists:

Several research teams are exploring ways for robots to both recognize and mimic the subtle, nonverbal side of human communication: eye movements, physical contact, and gestures. Mastering these social subtleties could help machines convey meanings to supplement speech and better respond to human needs and commands. This could be crucial if robots are ever to fulfill their potential as personal assistants, teaching aides, and health-care helpers, say those involved.

“Seriously, I’d love nothing more than to change your colostomy bag again. It’s not like they spent $5 million creating me for more important reasons…”

The researchers say giving robots the ability to communicate through human expression will make them better receptionists and tour guides — because I think we can agree that the only thing missing from Yellowstone is robots.

“The goal is [to] use human communication mechanisms in robots so that humans interpret behaviors correctly and respond to them in an appropriate way,” says Bilge Mutlu, a member of the team from Carnegie Mellon. After all, Mutlu notes, “we don’t want to create an antisocial, shy robot.”

Fair enough, I guess. Seems pretty normal. Down to earth. Not crazy.

Wait a minute.

BILGE MUTLU?!?!!?!!!

We’re letting someone named Bilge Mutlu design the next generation of robots? Was Quanque Zertron from the Nebulon Galaxy working on a separate project? Did the Dark Lord Xtangthu put you all up to this?

Making Robots Give the Right Glances [Tech Review]


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  1. Esquire

    Maybe his parents named him after the place he was conceived.

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