How to stop the egg smell

Pax Arcana

parmigiano_reggiano-3Atlantic Monthly food writer Corby Kummer — a demi-god of the Pax Arcana celestial hierarchy — hates that the smell of freshly prepared coffee is now forced to compete with the eggy scent of breakfast sandwiches at Starbucks.

I don’t share his opinion, but OK.

Anyway, Kummer reports that Starbucks has come up with an intriguing solution to the problem:

Starbucks’s food scientists mixed Parmesan cheese with the egg to prevent the smell from seeping into the stores and overwhelming the smell of coffee.

I welcome any new use of the one irreplaceable cheese, and have a sinking feeling that Starbucks isn’t using Parmigiano-Reggiano, which could help the cheese consortium’s own underwater problems. But the king of cheese as an egg deodorizer rather than what I know it as, an ideal egg enhancer? Smells funny to me.

My guess is that parmesan — even the low-grade stuff Starbucks uses — probably does more to mask the sour flavor notes of pre-prepared eggs scramblets than covering up the egg smell. But what do I know? I’m just a humble triathlete with a Ph.D. in quantum physics and a 100 foot yacht. OK, I’m none of those things but man — how awesome would that be?

A New Use For the King of Cheese? [Corby’s Fresh Feeds]



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4 responses to “How to stop the egg smell

  1. You’ve been doing a lot of smell-related posts lately…zombies better watch out.

  2. Jaelynne (look at me I'm in Vegas toooooo)

    Father Scott didn’t go out to dinner last night. He was out dancing with the laaaaaaadies.

  3. Fallen Angel

    wow what a woman

    if you aren’t paying for ladies to dance FOR you, you fail

  4. Jaelynne (look at me I'm in Vegas toooooo)

    FatherScott doesn’t pay the ladies, he pays for the ladies. Obvi.

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