Wednesday Filler: SO MUCH CAKE!!

Pax Arcana

While Father Scott is in Las Vegas eschewing dinner in favor of dancing with the laaaaaaaadies, we here in Massachusetts are stuck with our fluorescent lights and sad hangdog expressions.

Except today.

Because today was someone’s burfday. And we had burfday cake, which was delicious.

And since Father Scott loves nothing more than cake, I took some pictures of what he was missing for the purposes of bringing that mopey bearded sneaker-dragger back down to earth:


Man, what a delicious-looking cake!


There’s so much of it, I might have two slices!


The stuffed animals at Father Scott’s empty cubicle thought it looked so good, they had a cake party!


Even Marshawn Lynch was able to put the bong down long enough to have some cake! Or, as he described it, “BEAS AWN SUM PUDDIN PYE FOR RILZZ!!”

Oh man, I couldn’t possibly eat another bite. Or could I?



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2 responses to “Wednesday Filler: SO MUCH CAKE!!

  1. Fallen Angel

    this post gets my seal of tremendousness

  2. This marks my first laugh (not counting during awkward conversation with attendees) in Vegas. And now I’m hungry.

    I bet Marshawn beasted through that cake in like two seconds

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