Cold fusion may be more than just a dream (or an Eskimo sex act)

Pax Arcana


A U.S. Navy scientist has announced a breakthrough that may lead to the development of cold fusion technology — the holy grail of renewable energy. However, her research hinges on whether the highly energized neutrons she has observed are the biproduct of cold fusion or some other process.

Those words would be more interesting if I had any idea what they meant.


Today’s announcement is based partly on research published by Mosier-Boss’ group last year in the journal Naturwissenschaften. In this sense, she has not repeated the mistake of Pons and Fleischmann, who announced their findings before they had been tested by the peer-review process and published in a scientific journal.

But that does not mean the results indicate cold fusion, said Paul Padley, a physicist at Rice University who reviewed Mosier-Boss’ published work.

“Fusion could produce the effect they see, but there’s no plausible explanation of how fusion could occur in these conditions,” Padley said. “The whole point of fusion is, you’re bringing things of like charge together. As we all know, like things repel, and you have to overcome that repulsion somehow.”

Sounds like they need an expert on overcoming repulsion, in which case I would suggest they consult every girl Father Scott has ever made out with. OHHHHHHH SNAP! HIGH FIVE!!! PHYSICS GETTIN’ REALZZ UP IN HERRRRR!! Oh hey everybody… I didn’t realize you could hear me.

Navy scientist announces possible cold fusion reactions [Houston Chronicle]



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2 responses to “Cold fusion may be more than just a dream (or an Eskimo sex act)

  1. Such a study would take longer to figure out than cold fusion.

  2. Right now I’m just waiting for Esquire to comment, since I think he’s the only one likely to make the connection between the post and the picture.

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