Yi needs to adjust himself

Father Scott

If you’re anything like me (and I know you’re trying really hard to be), you dream of starting an NBA expansion team and building it around two players: Rajon Rondo and Yi Jianlian. Both are freakish figures, wildly entertaining, unique, and now have one other thing in common: both are bloggers.

Rondo’s Yardbarker has been around for a while, but this NetsDaily translation (ht: TrueHoop) is the first I’ve seen of Yi’s blog. And man oh man is it lovely. Amongst Yi’s general athlete musings comes the following gem:

After this, we need to go against Cavaliers… I have to adjust myself. Today I missed some opportunities. The balls were supposed to go through but fell out…(sigh)

Balls falling out? I’d say an adjustment is in order, indeed, Yi.



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2 responses to “Yi needs to adjust himself

  1. Fallen Angel


  2. Coach Football

    I don’t think #14 is very good at basket ball.

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