British people giving us fewer reasons to love them

Pax Arcana

While their empire disappeared faster than a plate of bubble and squeak at an RAF reunion, the British have always provided the world with a surfeit of  awesomely giggletastic surnames for us to mock.

Who hasn’t chortled at the thought of boarding the tube at Piccadilly and running into old Eton chums like Phineas T. Ramsbottom and Nigel Hornblower?

Bernard Nipplestamp, my old headmaster at the St. Hubbins School for Spry Young Vicars

But unfortunately the age of silly British last names is quickly coming to an end, as some change their names and others run for the border:

A study found the number of people with the name Cock shrank to 785 last year from 3,211 in 1881, those called Balls fell to 1,299 from 2,904 and the number of Deaths were reduced to 605 from 1,133.

People named Smellie decreased by 70 percent, Dafts by 51 percent, Gotobeds by 42 percent, Shufflebottoms by 40 percent, and Cockshotts by 34 percent, said Richard Webber, visiting professor of geography at King’s College, London.

Comparing the popularity of names in Britain from the 1881 census to today, researchers found that the top 6 surnames were exactly the same — Smith, Jones, Williams, Brown, Taylor, and Davies. Asian names like Wang have grown preciptiously during the past few decades.

Oh well. At least we still have the Dutch to make fun of. Isn’t that right, Countess von Fingerplunk?

Britain running out of Cocks [Metro UK]



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4 responses to “British people giving us fewer reasons to love them

  1. Coach Football

    It’s all part of my Cock and Balls Fantasy.

  2. In a related story, I got a hand-job from Bernard Nipplestamp this weekend.

  3. Coach Football


    There is no dash in hand job. Either “handjob” or “hand job” is acceptable.

  4. Esquire

    So the Brits have fewer Cocks but more Wangs? Sounds like they’re maintaining the status quo to me.

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