Nefertiti had a great personality

Pax Arcana

nefertitiThe famous bust of Nefertiti is one of the world’s sharpest and most captivating images of ancient beauty. Ever since its discovery in 1912, the bust has served as a symbol of the ethereal and elegant queen of the Nile.

However, recent advances in CT technology have allowed researchers to delve deeper into the multiple layers of the bust. What they found may have a lasting impact on our concept on this famous historical touchstone:

Their analysis showed that compared to the outer stucco face, the inner face had less prominent cheekbones, a slight bump on the ridge of the nose, creases around the corner of mouth and cheeks, and less depth at the corners of the eyelids.

The changes were possibly made to make the queen adhere more to the ideals of beauty of the time, the researchers said.

Which is all a nice way of saying that Nefertiti was uglier than a bucket of smashed crabs. I mean seriously, people, that lady could make an onion cry, am I right? SHE COULD HAVE BEEN A TRAVELING WILBURY, IF YOU CATCH MY DRIFT.

“Beauty of the Nile” may have had ancient makeover [Reuters]


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One response to “Nefertiti had a great personality

  1. Jess

    Well nobody knows what she looked like…for all they know it might not even be her bust, But if it is…I believe she was actually quite pretty, Nobody knows what she’s like.

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